The Artist


2018 San Francisco

Crown Point Press, Robert Bechtle, Richard Diebenkorn, Wayne Thiebaud: Three California Masters—Figures and Landscapes

13 December 2018–2 February 2019
2018 Berkeley, California

Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Way Bay

17 January–3 June 2018
2017 Montclair, New Jersey

Montclair Art Museum, Matisse and American Art

5 February–18 June 2017
2017 Athens, Georgia

Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia, Artists of the New York School

14 January–19 March 2017
2016 Baltimore

Baltimore Museum of Art, Matisse/Diebenkorn (jointly organized with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)

23 October 2016–29 January 2017
2013 Washington, D.C.

National Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution, Yes, No, Maybe: Artists Working at Crown Point Press

1 September 2013–5 January 2014