The Artist


1969 New York

Poindexter Gallery, Richard Diebenkorn: The Ocean Park Series

8 November–20 December 1969

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1969 Los Angeles

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, New Paintings by Richard Diebenkorn

3 June–27 July 1969

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1969 Bennington, Vermont

Bennington College, Drawings by Richard Diebenkorn

18 March–9 April 1969

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1969 Durham, New Hampshire

Scudder Gallery, University of New Hampshire, Drawings by Richard Diebenkorn

7–24 February 1969

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1968 New York

Poindexter Gallery, Recent Drawings

21 December 1968–30 January 1969
1968 Richmond, California

Richmond Art Center, Richard Diebenkorn Drawings

12 December 1968–2 February 1969

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1968 New York

Poindexter Gallery, Richard Diebenkorn

11–30 May 1968

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1968 Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City Art Institute, Drawings by Richard Diebenkorn

5–21 April 1968
1967 Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Drawings by Richard Diebenkorn

14 December 1967–28 January 1968
1967 Athens, Georgia

Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia, Drawings by Richard Diebenkorn

10 February –10 March 1967

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1967 London

Waddington Galleries, Richard Diebenkorn: Works on Paper

12 January–4 February 1967

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1966 Annandale-on-Hudson, New York

Procter Art Center, Bard College, Richard Diebenkorn

28 November–16 December 1966
1966 San Francisco

San Francisco Museum of Art, A Portfolio of Forty-One Etchings and Drypoints by Richard Diebenkorn

23 August–25 September 1966
1966 New York

Poindexter Gallery, Richard Diebenkorn: Drawings

17 May–4 June 1966

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1965 Beverly Hills

Paul Kantor Gallery, Recent Drawings by Richard Diebenkorn

1–31 October 1965

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1964 Washington, D.C.

Washington Gallery of Modern Art, Richard Diebenkorn

6 November–31 December 1964

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1964 London

Waddington Galleries, Richard Diebenkorn

29 September–24 October 1964

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1964 Waltham, Mass.

Grover Cronin Gallery, Richard Diebenkorn

17 June 11–July 1964

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1964 Stanford, California

Stanford University Art Gallery, Drawings by Richard Diebenkorn

3–26 April 1964

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1963 San Francisco

M. H. de Young Memorial Museum, Richard Diebenkorn: Paintings, 1961–1963

7 September–13 October 1963

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1961 Pittsburgh

Department of Fine Arts, Carnegie Institute, 1961 Pittsburgh International Exhibition of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture: One-Man Exhibitions Honoring Seven Artists Represented in the 1961 Pittsburgh International

27 October 1961–7 January 1961

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1961 Washington, D.C.

Phillips Collection, Richard Diebenkorn

19 May–26 June 1961

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1961 New York

Poindexter Gallery, Richard Diebenkorn

13 March–8 April 1961

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1960 San Francisco

California Palace of the Legion of Honor, Recent Paintings by Richard Diebenkorn

22 October–27 November

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1960 Pasadena

Pasadena Art Museum, Richard Diebenkorn

6 September–6 October 1960

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