The Artist


1979 New York

M. Knoedler and Co., Richard Diebenkorn

12–31 May 1979
1978 Peterborough, New Hampshire

Sharon Arts Center, An Introduction to Diebenkorn: Original Drawings and Paintings

18–21 August 1978
1978 Venice

U.S. Pavilion, From Nature to Art, from Art to Nature, 38th Venice Biennial (organized by the International Exhibitions Committee of the American Federation of Arts)

2 July–15 October 1978
1977 Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Artist of the Month: Richard Diebenkorn

8 October–16 November 1977
1977 New York

M. Knoedler and Co., Richard Diebenkorn

7 May–2 June 1977
1975 Sacramento

Sacramento City College Gallery

September–October 1975
1975 San Francisco

Gump’s Gallery

September 1975
1973 New York

Martha Jackson Graphics, Richard Diebenkorn: Figures

28 November–16 December 1973
1973 Oakville, California

Robert Mondavi Winery: Richard Diebenkorn

June–July 1973
1972 San Francisco

San Francisco Museum of Art, Richard Diebenkorn: Paintings from the Ocean Park Series

14 October 1972–14 January 1973
1972 Los Angeles

Gerard John Hayes Gallery, Richard Diebenkorn: Lithographs

6–16 June 1972