The Artist


2007 Los Angeles

Leslie Sacks Fine Art, Richard Diebenkorn: Selected Graphics

6 January–5 February 2007
2004 Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, The Elegant Line: Early Prints by Richard Diebenkorn (organized by the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco)

3 November 2004–30 January 2005
2004 Katonah, New York

Katonah Museum of Art, Richard Diebenkorn: Prints, 1948–1993

25 July–3 October 2004
2004 New York

Artemis Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, Richard Diebenkorn: Works on Paper; Ocean Park, Clubs and Spades

28 April–29 May 2004
2002 Seattle

Greg Kucera Gallery, Richard Diebenkorn, the 1970s: Nine Drypoints and Etchings and Other Prints

2–30 December 2002
2002 Seattle

Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Meditation on a Painting by Diebenkorn

12 July–11 August 2002
2002 Washington, D.C.

Hemphill Fine Arts, Richard Diebenkorn

10 July–24 August 2002
2001 Pasadena, California

Norton Simon Museum, Richard Diebenkorn

14 December 2001–8 April 2002
2000 New York

Lawrence Rubin Greenberg Van Doren Fine Art, Richard Diebenkorn: Early Abstractions, 1949–1955

8 November–9 December 2000
2000 San Francisco

Hackett-Freedman Gallery, Richard Diebenkorn: “Ocean Park” Paintings on Paper

5 October–2 December 2000
2000 Zurich

Galerie Lutz and Thalmann, Richard Diebenkorn: Figurative Drawings and Paintings

8 June–12 July 2000
2000 Milan

Galleria Lawrence Rubin, Richard Diebenkorn: Representational Drawings

4 May–1 June 2000
2000 Laguna Beach, California

Campbell-Thiebaud Gallery, Richard Diebenkorn: Black and White, Prints and Drawings

5 April–14 May 2000