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1980 New York

Blum Helman Gallery, Three by Four

Art Talk Podcast: Richard Diebenkorn at Weisman Museum at Pepperdine

Listen to podcast One of the premier painters to emerge in post-war California, Richard Diebenkorn is well known for his talent and his teaching at UCLA. So well known that discovering a cache of previously unexhibited paintings is sufficient reason for a focused exhibition like the one at Pepperdine’s Weisman Museum of Art. Richard Diebenkorn: […]

Academy Art Museum offers only East Coast Richard Diebenkorn exhibition

Audiences today generally know the career of Richard Diebenkorn (1922–1993) in three periods: the Sausalito, Albuquerque, Urbana, and “early Berkeley” periods of Abstract Expressionism; the Berkeley figurative/representational period; and lastly the famous Ocean Park and Healdsburg series of abstractions. Yet Diebenkorn’s earliest work remains very little known. The exhibition, Richard Diebenkorn: Beginnings, 1942–1955, will be […]

1959 New York

Museum of Modern Art, New Images of Man

1959 San Francisco

San Francisco Museum of Art, Seventy-Eighth Annual Painting and Sculpture Exhibition of the San Francisco Art Association

1958 Los Angeles

Ferus Gallery, Opening of the “New” Ferus

1958 Brussels

American Pavilion, Brussels Universal and International Exhibition (World’s Fair), Seventeen Contemporary American Painters

1957 Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Second Pacific Coast Biennial Exhibition

1957 Oakland

Oakland Art Museum, Contemporary Bay Area Figurative Painting