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New Criterion: Pieces of Ocean Park

For many years, it was thought that Richard Diebenkorn did little to no work on his Ocean Park series outside of California. By that stage of his career, the argument went, considerable productivity outside of the habit-driven clockwork structure Diebenkorn had created in his Santa Monica studio was highly improbable. Aside from intimate landscape sketches, […]

France, 1978

Santa Monica, California 2.20.78 Dear Roselle, We’re rushing –  so no time for amenities. Thought I should let you know that I don’t need to count on an art materials order. (Will work on paper – acrylic and watercolor, which I’ll bring). I’ll count, however, on a lumber supply source (there must be one) where […]

Reveal News: Fancy galleries, fake art

In the mid-’90s, two high-end New York art galleries began selling one fake painting after another – works in the style of Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko and others. It was the largest art fraud in modern U.S. history, totaling more than $80 million. Our first story looks at how it happened and why […]

New Criterion: The Critic’s Notebook

Richard Diebenkorn: A Retrospective, by Sasha Nicholas, with contributions by Steven Nash and Wayne Thiebaud (Rizzoli): One of the happy and somewhat unexpected developments in the field of art history these past five or so years has been an ascendant interest in the mid-century “Bay Area Figurative Movement,” and specifically in its two leading luminaries: […]

2020 San Francisco

Crown Point Press, Crown Point Press in the ’80s

Studio notes by Richard Diebenkorn

Richard Diebenkorn was an introspective man who remained skeptical of his success as an artist throughout his life. Over the years he spent countless hours sitting in a favorite chair in his studio, contemplating and looking. Perhaps it was there that he wrote thoughts that came to mind on nearby pieces of paper, some torn […]

Meeting Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz Island Port Hueneme, California Sept. 12 [1958] Dearest Phyllis, This, as usual, will have to be a short note as a busy day is about to descend. Carey leaves at one for the mainland to attend a wedding in L.A. (fly back Sunday). I declined to accompany him. This morning we will entertain […]

Left of Center: Five Years of the Anderson Collection at Stanford University

Anderson Collection at Stanford University, 20 September 2019 – ongoing *Temporarily closed due to COVID-19

2019 Bonn, Germany

Bundeskunsthalle, California Dreams: San Francisco, a Portrait