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Leslie Feely Gallery, New York March 1 – 31, 2021

Richard Diebenkorn: Paintings and Works on Paper, 1948–1992

Berggruen Gallery, San Francisco February 18 – April 30, 2021 *Appointment based and 3D viewing available


Dear Wayne: Happy 100th

Wayne – I’m sure you have been asked where you’ve been keeping another brilliant talent. I’ve read two examples of it — the Morandi piece and now on Matisse — both first rate and alive to the subjects in a way which is unheard of today. Do keep both talents exercised. Love to you and […]

The Richard Diebenkorn Foundation Announces Sarah C. Bancroft as President, Board of Directors

The Richard Diebenkorn Foundation today announced the election of Sarah C. Bancroft as President, Board of Directors. The unanimous decision was made during the board’s recent meeting on October 8, 2020. An art historian, curator, and lecturer, Ms. Bancroft is a preeminent authority on the art of Richard Diebenkorn (1922–1993) and organized the critically acclaimed […]

Six on Sausalito

Before moving to Sausalito in the summer of 1947, Richard Diebenkorn and his family were separated by World War II during the artist’s military service, quartered together on a Marine Corps base, and stayed temporarily with extended family or in rentals. Although they would only spend two and a half years in Sausalito—located north of […]

Orbits of Known and Unknown Objects: SFAI Histories / MATRIX 277

Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive, University of California, September 23 – ongoing *Online only

2020 East Hampton, New York

Leslie Feely Gallery, Post War Abstraction

Washington Post: Great Works, In Focus—Shadows and slanted light

A fair proportion of the early and midcareer work of Richard Diebenkorn feels wonderful, fresh, better than most things around it, yet not quite indisputably great. At a certain point, however, something happens and — ka-pow! — you look back and it’s suddenly all great, you can’t get enough. It’s as if your clammy, goose-fleshed body has stepped in […]