Richard Diebenkorn Exhibitions

11 Los Angeles Artists

11 Los Angeles Artists

  • Hayward Gallery, London, 30 September 1971 - 7 November 1971
  • Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, 20 January 1972 - 1 March 1972
  • Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, 6 April 1972 - 30 April 1972
Organized by the Arts Council of Great Britain

Curated by Maurice Tuchman and Jane Livingston

The group exhibition was the first European showing of Los Angeles artists, many of whom were only recently out of art school at the time. A catalogue was published on occasion of the exhibition.

"The show establishes Diebenkorn as a member of the contemporary Los Angeles art scene, and helps to further his international reputation." —Chronology from Richard Diebenkorn: The Catalogue Raisonné, Vol. 1 (Yale University Press, 2016)
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