Rights & Reproductions

Thank you for your interest in the work of Richard Diebenkorn. The Richard Diebenkorn Foundation holds the copyright to images of all artworks by Diebenkorn. Please use the form below to submit a copyright request, which should include all information necessary for us to understand your project(s) and its related image needs. Please consult our Instagram Guidelines when sharing Diebenkorn’s work on the social media platform.


The Foundation will review requests in a timely fashion, and a written license agreement will be prepared upon approval. Permission will be granted only for the approved image(s) provided by the Foundation. Fees vary depending on the number of images requested and may be waived for non-profit uses.

Proofing and Printing Requirements

The Foundation will supply match prints for the requested images which must be included in the materials delivered to the printer. Proofs including the object reproduction, details, labeling, credit line and/or any accompanying copy and text for image(s) must be submitted in print to the Foundation for a review of accuracy and final written approval prior to publication.

After printing, please send a physical copy of the final product to:

Richard Diebenkorn Foundation
3214 College Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705
Attn: Rights/Repro

If sending a physical copy is prohibitive, please submit a digital file.


This permission is subject to the following requirements:

(1) Image must be reproduced in full, with no cropping. This includes even minor edge-cropping to make an image square.

(2) No text or graphics may cover any part of an image.

(3) Image must be accompanied by artist attribution, title, date, and medium.

(4) Copyright shall be listed as Richard Diebenkorn Foundation.

Restrictions (1) and (2) do not apply to video use.

Archives Access Policy

The Richard Diebenkorn Foundation is committed to making its Archives available under equal terms of access for all users. The Foundation strives to maintain the standard professional policy on access adopted jointly by the Society of American Archivists and the American Library Association (ALA- SAA Joint Statement on Access: Guidelines for Access to Original and Research Materials, 1994.) Access to some materials may be restricted due to an agreement with the transferring party. The status of closed materials will be reviewed from time to time, with the ultimate goal of providing complete access.

All users are required to fill out the Reader Registration Form. Each request will be considered by the Foundation Archivist.

Written permission must be obtained by users from the Foundation before publishing reproductions of documents or substantial quotations therefrom. Permission is contingent upon the user agreeing to indemnify the Richard Diebenkorn Foundation for any loss, damage, or expense to third parties arising from such publication. The Richard Diebenkorn Foundation makes no representation that it is the owner of any copyright of the Archives materials made available for use. The user is responsible for determining the nature of any rights and the ownership or interest therein, obtaining permission to publish or use, and determining the nature of any possible liabilities that may result from publication or use.

In giving permission to reproduce archival materials, the Richard Diebenkorn Foundation does not surrender its own rights to publish such materials or to grant permission to others to publish them; nor does the Foundation assume any responsibility for infringement of copyright.

If you are interested in visiting the archives, please fill out the following form as completely as possible.

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