Art Scoping, Episode 60: Sarah C. Bancroft

May 15, 2021
By Maxwell L. Anderson

© 2021 Art Scoping

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“A $7 Billion Philanthropic Force.” That’s an artnet headline describing artist-endowed foundations, and this episode sheds light on the leader of not one but two of them. Sarah C. Bancroft is Executive Director of the James Rosenquist Foundation and President of the Board of Directors of The Richard Diebenkorn Foundation. She discusses her reliance on the Aspen Institute’s Artist-Endowed Foundations Initiative, led by Christine Vincent, as well as recounting the core activities of these organizations, which include promoting research, exhibitions, and conservation of works by 20th and 21st century artists. We touch on copyright abuse, forgeries, and other concerns of AEFs, and are favored with her unique insights into the oeuvres, practices, and personalities of both Rosenquist and Diebenkorn.