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Artist's Postcard
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Artist's Postcard
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Artist's Postcard
Artist's Postcard

Artist's Postcard

13 October 1964
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© Richard Diebenkorn Foundation
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Postcard sent from Richard and Phyllis Diebenkorn to the artist's mother, Dorothy Diebenkorn, while in the Soviet Union, 13 October 1964


10-13-Leningrad. / Couldn't mail this before now. / We are fine + having marvelous / time. Love, P. & R.


Mom, all this is more / wonderful and / exciting than we / could possibly have imagined. / We are both fine if we / don't collapse at some / stage of things because / of the hospitality -- which is / fantastic. Until I tell you / differently I think our / address should be thru / Mr. Zewkley in Wash. D.C. / We've heard from all our family / except for you + Chris. What's / wrong with you two? Much / Love from / us both, Phil + Richard



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