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Artist's writing

Artist's writing

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Statement of project –

My project consists in the furthering of my painting’s development. [strikethrough] I [/strikethrough] I hope for a year’s concentration, without the distractions that accompany teaching, [strikethrough] especially in light of a [/strikethrough] to consolidate a new emphasis which my work has taken. I will continue to paint [strikethrough] ing [/strikethrough] in Berkeley, although [strikethrough] with [/strikethrough] a grant from your foundation would allow me a brief trip to Europe [strikethrough] to see, [double strikethrough] first hand [/double strikethrough], a certain few works of art which seem to require of me a first hand look. [/strikethrough] for a first hand look at a certain few works of art.

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[Column 1]
Gordon Washburn
Dore Ashton
Grace Morley
John Humphries
Walter Chrysler Jr

[Column 2]
Alfred Frankenstein
James Byrnes
W. R. Valentiner
Younger Phillips
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