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Studio note
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Studio note
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Studio note
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Studio note
Studio note
Studio note

Studio note

c. 1966–76
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© Richard Diebenkorn Foundation
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We see some things profoundly, others less so, most things superficially. My painting [strikethrough] comes [/strikethrough] derives from my seeing, [strikethrough] and I would hope think from the profound seeing [/strikethrough] I [strikethrough] would [/strikethrough] hope in the first sense, but I would never attempt to direct it there.

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My interest in painting has consistently preceded my interest in art. Not to say that I’m oblivious to or would ignore [strikethrough] that [/strikethrough] the sometime ingredient of painting which [strikethrough] in some instances [/strikethrough] appears and gives rise to our calling it art. I don’t count out the

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Since 1972, the Endowment has requested that all museums receiving a catalogue grant send 150 copies to the United States Information Agency for distribution to its libraries abroad, thus serving to make other nations aware of the richness of American culture, the vitality of our museums, and, at the same time, making available to foreign scholars (museum and university) material that they would otherwise have difficulty in finding.

Project examples of the 82 grants to date for utilization of permanent collections are:

Edmundson Art Foundation, Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, Iowa
Publication of the Museum’s first catalogue of its permanent collection of paintings, sculpture and unique works on paper.

Jacksonville Art Museum, Jacksonville, Florida
Installation of Museum’s Oriental art collection.

Sheldon Jackson College, Sitka, Alaska
Preparation of a catalogue of Eskimo and Indian ethnographic artifacts collection.

Brown University, Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, Providence, Rhode Island
Publication of handbook-catalogue of art and ethnography of South American Tropical Forest Indians.

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Illinois
Installation of exhibition of the Museum’s historic collections now in storage.



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